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1-on-1  Coaching

of the most INSPIRING years of my life!"

Vision - Strategy - Mindsets - Skill Sets - Energy - Service

Vision: crafting clear vision, mission and purpose statements to be your guide.

Strategy: creating a plan of action to make your compelling vision a reality.

Mindsets: embracing the mindsets and beliefs that will make your inner game powerful.

Skill Sets: discovering, developing and engaging the skills to live your great life.

Energy: explore and discover what energizes you and find ways to engage that powerful engine.

Service: leverage your greatness to love others: a great life is never all about you.

Jeff expertly guided me through a discovery process that helped me clarify exactly what my goals were, and what I needed to start doing, and stop doing, to get on a faster track towards success."  -Pam


The weekly 1-on-1 sessions allow for your accelerated traction, momentum and success!

Since the coaching is  focused on YOUR specific goals, we have the time and space to address your unique situation with your unique solutions to achieve your unique results.  Your results will be amazing.

Coaching programs are completely customizable to achieve your unique results.  You decide what you want to CREATE, and what LIVING one of the most INSPIRING years of your life will look like.  I've listed below a menu of some common results many people are looking for through coaching.  You can pick and choose or come up with your own.

We START where you ARE and partner together to move you toward where you want to BE.

I only work with clients that want to take ownership of their life or business and create something unique and great.  Some clients have finally come to the place that they are sick and tired of under-living their life and are ready to step into their unique greatness so they can live and serve in a way that lights them up.  Other clients have already been living their life or running their business in a great way but are desiring to create a new level of balance and success.  Regardless of where your are now, my goal is to partner with you to create a future where you THRIVE.  Are you ready?

Just imagine what it will feel like when you look back and say,

"Wow, I created and lived one of the most inspiring years of my life!" 

What amazing results would make you say that?


How would the lives of those you love be affected for the better?

Would those amazing life changing results be worth the time, money and energy?

Consider investing in yourself for three months, six months or a year.
The clarity, insights, and results you gain will impact your present, and pay dividends far into your future!

If you think you might be interested, I'd be excited to offer you a free no pressure consultation so we can discuss your situation and whether private coaching would be a great fit.


1 on 1 Coaching Results Menu

#1 Thriving Life

This focus supports you as you creatively and actively move from where you ARE to where you want to BE.  I believe we are all unique & have untapped potential that is waiting to be developed, and released into the world. People need YOU to show up and bring your unique value!  We are here to THRIVE, and not just survive.


I’m here to support and to partner with you to gain amazing clarity, supercharge your value and impact, and to support you as you take consistent action toward achieving your vision, mission and purpose.  Do you want to passionately live out your unique greatness? Do you want to leave an amazing legacy that will inspire others? Are you are ready to take action and make an investment in YOURSELF? I’m here to partner with you to create the space for YOU to find clarity, take action and reap the success of achieving the THRIVING life you desire.

#2 Thriving Business

This focus supports you as you creatively and actively move from where you ARE to where you want to BE.  I believe business owners and entrepreneurs are unique and have created organizations that have untapped potential .  This potential is waiting to be unlocked, developed and released into the world. People need your business (or non-profit) to have an impactful presence in the community, and deliver its unique value!  The business you created to meet a need can THRIVE and not just survive.


I’m here to support and to partner with you to gain amazing clarity, supercharge value and impact, and to support you as you take consistent action toward achieving your business's vision, mission and purpose.  Do the teams you have working for you have crystal clear clarity of the vision and the WHAT, HOW and WHY their roles matters? Do you want your business to live and breath its unique greatness? Do you want your business to leave an amazing legacy of blessing communities, and to be the kind of organization that will inspire others?  Are you are ready to take action and make an investment that will help your business THRIVE at the next level? I’m here to partner with you to help make that a reality!

#3 Your Unique Greatness

A step by step exploration of Dreaming, Discovering, Clarifying, Embracing and then passionately Living who you were uniquely created to be and do.  It is not about “Measuring Up” to the expectations of others or some cookie cutter life. It is about “Developing Out” who YOU ARE, living a life well lived, and in the process leaving a legacy that inspires others to live and share their unique greatness. 


Don’t be held down by the lies: “You have to be like everyone else”, “measure up!”, or my personal favorite, “do it perfect”. The world does not need you to be a great copy of someone else. People are desperate for the unique authentic you to make a meaningful impact on their life.  Are you ready? 

#4 Crushing Your Problems by Rocking Your Opportunities

A powerful process to re-frame and transform any problem into the force to propel you toward your goals with more traction and momentum that you thought possible. 


Imagine actually believing the statement, “There are no problems, there are only great opportunities!” If you want to be a creator that desires to transform any circumstance into an advantage, this is for you. 

#5 Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Do you feel like you want or need to make an important major decision but not sure what to do?  It is often the case that when we are faced with having to choose between two “good” choices we can become paralyzed because we don’t want to make the wrong decision.  If you want clarity so you can make the best decision AND feel great about it, then this will be a way to have that clear result.


But wait there’s more! Not only will you gain clarity on what choice to make, you will also discover the best WAY for you to move into your new direction with confidence.  Knowing HOW to move from A to B is often a greater challenge than the WHAT choice. Often making the wrong choice can have long reaching financial, emotional and relational costs. Wise choices and strategic plans pay dividends that keep giving long into the future.

#6 Reframing Your Story

Do you have the desire to move forward with your life but just can’t seem to get unchained from your past?  You are not alone; it is a common struggle. For many it is manifested by the negative voice (their own or someone else’s) in their head that keeps repeating things like: “you’re not good enough”, “I'm broken, “remember what happened last time”, “you’re weak”, “what will people think when I fail…again” or “no one cares what I do.”  Fill in whatever your recording says.


Your past can not be changed.  Whatever you did, you did.  Whatever was done to you, was done.  BUT how you see it and WHAT you choose to make it MEAN can totally change!  If you are sick and tired of being held down by your past memories and want to be free to move into your amazing future with the power of what your past taught you, then I’d be excited to help you re-frame your past and use it as fuel to step expectantly into your amazing future! 


#7 Thrive With Less

We are bombarded from everywhere (Facebook, TV, movies, magazines, etc.) with the lie that MORE stuff will make us happy.  Stuff is great, but the truth is that the “more” often just becomes clutter that chokes out our peace, our time and our ability to truly enjoy who we are and what and who we have. 

A movement is starting to sweep across our consumer mentality country: it’s called Minimalism/Essentialism. Would you like to gain more peace and contentment in your life. Would you like to align your life with YOUR values and YOUR goals as opposed to the Joneses?  It’s not about selling all and living in a shack (unless that is want you want). You will explore and discover both the mental things and physical things that you want more of and those you want less. We can explore any aspects of your life: relationships, mindsets, stuff, your home and other spaces.  It’s learning what you want to say, “yes” to and what to say, “no” to. If you would enjoy having freedom and peace by discovering and choosing to live with what brings joy, then this will help you create that outcome.


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