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About Jeff

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A little bit about Jeff Fitts

You can't lead what you won't live!

Every principle I teach I also practice and use in my own life.  I am learning, taking action, and growing just like you are. I have areas of my life that I'm succeeding and areas of my life I'm still failing, but I am committed to progress and growth.  And that is the key: consistent forward motion.  Fails and successes are just opportunities to learn and grow.


I spent a big chunk of my life feeling like I did not measure up: in school, in relationships, and in business.  BUT I now realize that my sense of not measuring up was in large part due to COMPARING myself to others and my PERCEPTION of what they had and I lacked.  I had a massive positive shift in my life when I finally embraced the reality that my calling was not to be a good COPY of someone else, but that I was to BE the unique ORIGINAL I was created to be.  There was an amazing freedom that came when I began live out of who I was, and was becoming. The comparison game is a dead end for everyone: those at the top, those at the bottom, and everyone in between.  Only one person can be the best (and only for a little while), but everyone can be GREAT. It is my passion to help others find their unique genius and then to live it and share it!


I'm married to my wonderful wife Kim, and I'm a father of four amazing kids.  No school can teach you what 25 years of marriage and 20 years of parenting can: one great lesson after another.  I've learned, grown and advanced in a variety of jobs: I built my own house, ministered to Jr. High and High school students, taught elementary and middle school, and managed a copy center.  I have had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people in all stages of life. My experiences have blessed me with a broad range of learning and awareness that has allowed me to know first-hand the ups, downs, AND sideways of life. 


My path to discovering and embracing my unique genius has not been a straight line.  It has been more of a zig-zag and loop back around and then up again path. I have noticed as I look back, that every step along the way has been just what I needed to teach me what I needed to grow to the next level. 


I am a certified life and business coach (ECPC, ECCP) and have received training both in the United States and Canada.  The training I have received has made an amazing impact in my own life. I live what I coach, and don’t pretend to have the perfect life.  I’m not about hype. I’m not about the fast fix that does not work in the long run. I’m not about getting the outside pretty and shoving the rest under the rug. I AM about partnering with you, so you can take action and do the consistent, step by step, honest and challenging work that will give you the lasting results you desire.  I am about helping you discover, activate and leverage your genius, so you can serve and lead with clarity and impact. 


If you are looking for a coach that has everything all figured out and is living without any struggles or challenges, I am not your coach.  If however, you want to partner with someone who still struggles but has taken his own life to the next level because he is committed to taking uncomfortable action to continue to move from where he IS to where he really wants to BE, then I just might be the coach to help you do the same. 

I believe we are all unique and have untapped potential that is waiting to be developed and released into the world.  I also believe that we were created to use our talents, skills and experience to bless others.


People need YOU to show up and bring your unique value!  We are here to THRIVE, and not just survive. I’m here to support you, and to partner with you to supercharge your focus and vision, and to support you in moving from where your ARE to the incredible place you want to BE.  It will light me up to help you as you Dream, Discover, Clarify, Embrace, and Passionately live out your unique greatness. Do you want to leave an amazing legacy that will inspire others? Are you ready to take action and make an investment in YOURSELF?  I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


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