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Business Owners
and Leaders

Are you a small business owner or manager that wants to move your successful or struggling business forward with more clarity?  This engaging workshop is for you.  This workshop would also be very beneficial if you run or manage a non-profit (or for-profit) organization.  There has been much change in the last few years, and all the signs point to continued change in the future.  Now may be just the time to pause and take some time and space to gain even more clarity on how you are going to thrive at the next level! 


Maybe you are transitioning your successful business to the next level, or maybe you are getting a new business up and running.  Evaluating your business and facing the hard facts is a first step towards moving in the right direction.  Only then can you discern your most critical priorities as well as the actions that will create your path to even greater success.

After this interactive workshop, you will walk-away with more clarity:  Where your business is now, where you want it to be, and how you are going to advance it forward so you can make an amazing impact. And as an added bonus, you will also learn how to move forward with more Calm and Confidence as you lead and manage your business and team into the unknown of 2022 and beyond.

You will leave the workshop with POWERFUL CLARITY on:

Where you business is now

Where you want it to BE

HOW you are getting it there

and get it there with more Calm and Confidence


Part 1 -Wednesday October 5th

Part 2 -Wednesday October 12th 




$100 registration fee (but this includes this and 5 other courses!)


If you are interested in attending this workshop or any of the other courses that are part of the "Business Management and Leadership Course", use this link to register: 



If you have specific questions about the Success through Clarity workshop, contact Jeff at

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