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for Wednesday, May 31st workshop

"Leverage the Power of Simplicity to Reduce Your Busy"

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Leverage the power of SIMPLICITY, so you can reduce your BUSY!  

You will leave this workshop with 3 simple action steps to advance forward:

Your actions will be unique to you, and will help you to increase the significant impact you are already making!



Are you an entrepreneur, business owner, manager or leader who wants to advance your organization forward with more clarity and a little coffee?  

This engaging mini workshop is for you.  There has been much change in the last few years, and all the signs point to continued change in the future.  Now may be just the time to pause and take some time and space to gain more clarity on how you are going to thrive without being frazzled and busy!  Being TOO BUSY will drain the life out of your organization, BUT Leveraging the Power of Simplicity Creates more Traction, Energy and Ease!

Maybe you are transitioning your successful business to the next level.  Maybe you are getting a new business up and running.  Or perhaps, the last few years have burned you out and some new perspective is just what you need.  Evaluating your business and gaining new insights can be pivotal to moving in the right direction. 


Jeff Fitts, ECPC
Business & Executive Coach



13 Ravens Coffee House

150 First Street

Friday Harbor, WA 98250



Wednesday, May 31st  



Cost $35
(Coffee will be available for purchase at the event.)

must register online to attend



If you have specific questions about the Clarity & Coffee workshop,

contact Jeff at

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