Mastermind Groups

Do you already know your next steps
to move your life or business
to where you want it to be

you also know that you want some support, accountability and the comradery of a group to help you to take weekly consistent action so you can achieve the amazing results you want?

A mastermind group is a creative and powerful safe space where you can connect with and be empowered by others who are also committed to moving their lives or businesses from where they ARE
to where they want them to BE.

Simple but
powerful format

30 minute group Zoom video or phone call

On each call, each member will share:


taken since last group

from actions taken

and new awareness




for the next two weeks

How groups are structured

Each group is comprised of 5 to 6 people. 

In addition to the 5 or 6 members, Coach Jeff will facilitate the calls to ask followup awareness questions and to keep the group on track.

Since the groups meet via Zoom video chat, members do not have to live in the same location!

New groups will be starting so all you have to do is let Jeff know you would like to be in a group.

Groups will have a Zoom video/call every other week for 12 weeks (total of 6 calls).

Meeting for 12 weeks (apx. 3 months) will give members enough time to make significant progress on their goals. 


At the end of 12 weeks, group members can decide if they would like to extend the group for another 12 weeks.


Each 12 week Mastermind will cost $150 per person (apx. $50 per/month).  Payment is paid up front. 

I am confident that as long as you fully engage in the work and follow through on your action steps that you will be totally satisfied with the results you receive, but if you are not, I’ll refund your money.*

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