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“Before working with Jeff, I could only see all the individual puzzle pieces. Now I can see the picture on the box lid!”


I would recommend it to others who are trying to get clarity on their future”


“Thank you, I’m pursuing my new vision with confidence!


"This workshop helped me to get on the right track for getting my art business moving. I gained much clarity for the steps I needed to take. Jeff really helps you work out what you want to do and how you need to do it."


Hearing like minded stories/struggles from other artists…made me feel less ‘alone’.”


“A valuable take away for me was coming away with a “to-do” list/action plan towards our goals.


“I strongly recommend Jeff's coaching and training to anyone who is experiencing that feeling that no matter what they try, they just can't seem to feel like they are making progress toward their goals, or, if they are having trouble obtaining a clear awareness of direction or goals that align with what they are naturally good at and passionate about.”


I had many breakthroughs during this last workshop, yet the most potent shift in awareness was of the order of processing that our brains go through, as in the hierarchy of thoughts and feelings that occur in every instance from a scientific standpoint, and how Jeff walked us through the scenario in real terms, to where I actually experienced seeing how my brain processed several recent incidents.”


"Jeff has really helped me stay focused and organize my thoughts and ideas. I used to feel like I had so many ideas and that intimidated me from starting on any one thing. Now I can just focus more and enjoy the journey and not be so worried or stressed about the final outcome of projects, because I know they will all work out!"

"Jeff helped me turn my vortex of thoughts into concrete action points. He is encouraging, on task, and asked detailed questions that helped me narrow in on specific goals and tasks at hand. I've been able to translate that into detailed project management, for both myself and my team." -Marti

"Jeff was able to help me isolate the key issues I need to work on to combat my time management and productivity. Jeff helps you re-write your biggest challenges into plans of action. If you want to feel in control of your business again you need Jeff. -Kristen

"As a perfectionist, I only wanted to have a perfect finished project from day one. Jeff drew me back in to realize how I could start by focusing on what I am good at and what I deemed most important for my plan, and learn to allow help from others (especially my husband who is good with technology) to work with me in areas that were not my strength in order to complete my project.


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