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Is Coaching For Me?

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30 minute discovery session with Jeff

Do you want clarity

on how to move from where you ARE to where you want to BE?

Are you searching for the resources to advance
forward with calm and confidence into the uncertainty of our times?

Are you a leader with an inspiring vision 

and desire to have your team become even more aligned and effective?

If you are like many people in 2023, you find yourself in a rapidly changing and uncertain world. There are more options and pitfalls than ever before.  However, you can have more clarity to move forward.


Maybe you are transitioning from one role to another?  Maybe your team is facing new challenges? Maybe you are realizing that there are pressing issues that need to be addressed and resolved?


You have the resources and skills to thrive!  What you may need in your busy schedule…is space. Space to think. Space to imagine. Space to discover. Space to connect and align your vision and purpose.  Through coaching, we create the space for you and your team to: discover each member’s unique genius; focus on what is most important; design a strategic plan that will inspire forward action, AND do it all with more calm, connection and control!  You will advance from where you are to where you desire to be.


I don’t tell you what you “should” do.  I do something that is far more powerful.  I partner with you to help you gain clarity and to discover your unique path. I understand the science and art of creating physical and mental margin.  I understand how to help unlock and amplify you and your team's potential.  Coaching is a powerful investment that transforms your present and also pays dividends far into your future.  I’d like to offer you a complementary Discovery Session where you can share what you are seeking to accomplish, and for us to explore if coaching would help you reach your goals. 


“I have left every interaction with Jeff with clearer vision, drive, and the tools to thrive in multiple areas of my life.  Jeff's unique approach unlocked the clarity I was desperately seeking, but had been unable to find on my own.  I highly recommend working with Jeff.” -Bryan Leighton


“After spending the last two years trying to stay positive and forward moving, I was feeling exhausted and unmotivated. Coaching not only helped connect me to the energy reserves within myself, but it also reconnected me to the tools I have to get me back on track. -Jenn Rigg


“Jeff helped me turn my vortex of thoughts into concrete action points. He is encouraging, on task, and asked detailed questions that helped me narrow in on specific goals and tasks at hand. I've been able to translate that into detailed project management, for both myself and my team.” -Marti McConnell

Click to book your FREE 30min. discovery session with Jeff

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