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Do you desire to have an even more successful TEAM?

-The 6 Types of Working Genius Assessment and Training-


Immediately know and appreciate your team's areas of Genius, Competencies and Frustrations

■Clarity on how to leverage each member's genius 

Increase in team cohesion and productivity 

Clarity around stages of work

Common language so your team will have instant understanding and better alignment

Do more of what energizes you and less of what drains you


■ Individuals know with certainty how to use their genius to powerfully contribute


■ Better know who you need to hire


■ Increased productivity, calm, and energy in the entire organization

and MORE!

My passion is to partner with successful leaders and teams to help them create remarkable clarity and alignment as they make progress toward their inspiring vision. 


I help teams create a clear and compelling strategic plan that integrates the 6 Types of Working Genius so they can achieve their next big goal with more clarity and alignment than they ever thought possible.


"If you want to be successful and fulfilled in your work, you must tap into your gifts. "


This simple 10-minute assessment completely changed the way we think about our work and our people.


Nothing gave me an aha moment like the Working Genius report. When I got my results back, it dialed in something for me that's been a question for years. It gave me a sense of freedom.



Great teams don't happen by accident.  Great teams are created by having people with the right skills and the right mindsets placed together in ways that make all their unique geniuses come alive.  Great teams have discovered ways to trust each other, celebrate each other and rely on each other to create exponential results.


Often just a few insights and adjustments can transform a team to the next level of success.. 


What is your successful team endeavoring to accomplish that will bless others and at the same time strengthen your business or organization?

Each member of your team has untapped potential that when discovered and released will not only light them up, but will also energize your entire organization.  If you have a desire to accomplish something that you’ve never done before, I’d love to have a conversation with you and hear about your BIG goal and see how I might help you achieve it with more alignment, clarity and ease.

As a Certified Working Genius Facilitator, I have received hands-on training from the Table Group team and been equipped with the tools and resources to help people leverage the Working Genius model with individuals, teams and organizations.


Email me and set up a conversation where we can discuss how taking the 6 Types of Working Genius assessment and training may be just what your successful team needs to take it to the next level.


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