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How I Can Serve You

Services with unique focus and format to provide you powerful transforming results.


If you are desiring to


take ACTION,


and create an exciting STRATEGIC PLAN to move your life or your business from where it IS to where you want it to BE, these workshops will serve you well.

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Advancing Your Business with Clarity


For Business

For Teachers

For Personal or Business

Out of The Box

Advancing You Business
with Clarity & Calm

Fail to Thrive


Magic happens when you can get away and connect, focus and strategize as a team.

 A little fun can also do wonders!


  • Align team with your VISION & PURPOSE

  • Discover and appreciate each member's unique Working Genius


  • Create Clarity, Connection and Clear Communication

  • Get more done with less stress

  • Powerful brainstorming sessions

  • Each retreat is customized to achieve your unique outcomes

  • 2 Day, 1 Day and 1/2 Day formats available

  • Onsite Retreats are also an option

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Private Coaching

Are you Creating and Living one of the most inspiring years of your life?

Do you want to?

What would your life or business look like if you were?


Private Coaching is one of the fastest ways for you to move from where you ARE to where you want to BE. 


I don't judge you or tell you what to do.  You bring the content and I bring a structure and strategy to help you discover your path and make your desired results a reality. 


Are ready to overcome the roadblocks that have always stopped you in your past?  Are you ready to THRIVE and have the life changing results you have always wanted? 

Learn more


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